Vitallium Esthetic Clasp Partial Denture


Saddle-Lock “Hidden Clasp” Vitallium 2000 Cast Partial

Superb Esthetic Without Crowning Healthy Dentition

Achieving optimal esthtics while maintaining retention, stability and healthy tooth structure has always been a problem with cast partial dentures. The use of clasps resulted in visible metal display drawing attention to the restoration. Abutment crowns and precision attachments eliminated visible metal but usually required extensive preparation of healthy tooth structure.

Now, with Saddle-Lock Partial Denture Systems , clasp retained partial dentures can be created without visible metal- and, without the aid of cast crowns or expensive precision attachments.

Cosmetically Natural Appearance

  • Need for unsightly buccal clasps eliminated
  • No visible display

Flexible Design

  • Can be used with completely tooth borne removable partial dentures and with both unilateral and bilateral distal extension prostheses.
Conventional Partial Dentures have visible clasps. New Esthetic Clasp Partial Dentures offer comfort, strength, precision and hidden clasps