Reline or New Denture?

Common denture problems you might be experiencing:

  • Denture won’t stay in place when you eat or talk
  • Extra wrinkles around your mouth
  • Sore spots
  • Need to use denture pads or adhesives

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Why don’t my dentures fit anymore?
People who have no teeth lose on average 1 mm of jawbone height each year. reline_ond_04
Jaw with teeth
Loss can be greater due to some medical conditions, such as osteoporosis reline_ond_05
Jawbone immediately after tooth extraction
Gum tissues (ridges) shrink along with jawbones-up to 1/2″ in 10 years. This is what makes your denture loose. reline_ond_06
Jawbone after 5 years
Jawbone after 10 years
Shrinking gums lead to loose dentures, which cause:

  • Slurred speech
  • Sore spots
  • Difficulty when eating certain foods
  • Clicking
  • Whistling

Denture pads and adhesives can temporarily stabilize your dentures. If these products are overused, thay may cause futher damage to gum ridges.

Short-Term Solution:

Adjust dentures to fit your changing ridges:

  • Soft reline
  • Standard/hard reline

These are possible solutions for “younger” dentures (5 years old or less), and will not necessarily provide additional face and lip support.

But… relining does not solve all problems with older dentures:

  • Back teeth become worn, making chewing difficult.
  • Front teeth become discoloured, chipped or worn.
  • Denture “gums” become faded, stained or cracked.


If your dentures are more than 5 years old, you may need new ones.

reline_ond_08 reline_ond_09
Old denture shows a hole indicating a week spot and severely worn teeth. New denture has a strong, durable base with natural-looking teeth and gums.
reline_ond_10 reline_ond_11
Old denture has worn teeth and discoloured “gums” New denture has wear-resistant teeth that are personalized to fit the individual denture wearer.
And remember, gum tissues that have shrunk do not support your mouth, causing:

  • Wrinkles around mouth
  • Sunken look to cheeks and lower face
  • A “no teeth” smile


If your dentures are more than 5 years old, new dentures may be able to give you a “facelift”

Poor denture fit causes a sunken upper lip and extra wrinkles around the mouth New dentures restore a more youthful look
before_aap_reline12 before_aap_reline12
reline_ond_14 reline_ond_15
Severely worn out dentures allow lower lip to touch nose New dentures properly restore his appearance
Plus, today’s modern dentures are much more natural looking:

  • Each tooth can be positioned “naturally” to give dentures a more realistic appearance
  • More natural choice of colors for gums and teeth.
  • New processing methods ensure best possible fit.
before_aap_reline16 before_aap_reline17
This patient has “picket fence” tooth arrangement and a badly positioned denture due to improper fit With new dentures and a more natural tooth arrangement, George looks much younger than his 72 years.
before_aap_reline18 before_aap_reline19
This patient’s denture teeth are too white and the wrong shape for her face. Her softer, more realistic denture arrangement makes this very attractive 60- year-old woman look younger than ever.
If you have any of these problems…

  • Sore spots
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Slurred speech
  • Dentures whistle or click
  • Teeth look too fake
  • Sunken mouth or cheeks
  • Feel you look older than you are

Our denture clinic can help!