Personalized Cosmetic Dentures

A Patient’s Guide to
Personalized Cosmetic Dentures

“False teeth”: we’ve all seen them. They look obvious, unnatural. But many people don’t realize that today, It’s possible to obtain dentures which look so natural, others assume they are.
This type of restoration is called a personalized cosmetic denture.
It’s a far cry from traditional “false teeth” – and it’s understandable the kind of denture most people prefer

Conventional Denture.
Personalized Cosmetic Denture.
What is the difference ?

personalized_cd_03 personalized_cd_04
personalized_cd_05 personalized_cd_06

Conventional Dentures

Since conventional dentures are designed for the “average” person, not for a particular individual, they all tend to look alike. The teeth are usually too small, monotone in color, and placed too evenly to look natural.

Personalized Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic Dentistry imitates nature. And nature isn’t uniform. The reason natural teeth look natural is because they have many subtle details and color variations. In fashioning personalized dentures, care is taken to create similar variations. So your new teeth will look healthy, natural and attractive.

How is a denture personalized ?

To achieve your attractive new smile, your
dentist will make a detailed evaluation of your face.
The final design of the denture will be based on careful study of all these factors:
* Your basic coloration – eyes, hair and complexion.
* Your age.
* The size and shape of your face
* Your facial contours and features.
* Differences between your left and right sides
* Prior dental records

How long will a denture last ?

High quality personalized dentures will look natural
for many years. The teeth described, an exceptionally durable type called
Ivoclar, Vitapan, Bioblend IPN, are guaranteed for five years. Changes in
your mouth will eventually affect the fit of your denture.
Therefore, periodic dental examinations are recommended.

How about the cost ?

A personalized cosmetic denture will cost somewhat
more than a conventional denture. It’s up to you and your dentist
to decide which type better satisfies your needs.