Mylo Flex Denture

In recent years, dentistry has seen some significant advancements with the advent of implantology, all-porcelain restoration, composite materials, etc. However, one area of dentistry has seen little change in decades- complete dentures. Even considering the improvements in material, processes and impression techniques, there has been no significant change in the fabrication of complete dentures this century. And the age old problem of poor fit and function still exist until now.

The Problem

Traditionally, edentulous patients have relied on gravity and the alveolar structure to hold their lower denture in place. For those patients with little or no ridge wearing their lower denture resulted in:

  • Poor retention
  • Moving and “flotation”
  • Discomfort and Pain
  • Flipping up during mastication

The Solution: MyloFlex

Myloflex incorporates a positional memory insert and an extended flange that takes advantage of the undercut available in the submandibular fossa. What used to be a disadvantage is now part of the retentive solution.
When placed in the mouth, the MyloFlex denture captures the lower mandible with its bilaterial springing action. This tension is slight but significant enough to aid in stabilization and retention of the denture. This action is similar to that of a clip encircling a bar on either side of the ridge.
Patients report that MyloFlex is not only stable and retentive, but is also the most comfortable denture they’ve ever worn. And they are now able to enjoy foods that they haven’t eaten in years.