My First Denture


Why Replace Teeth

It is necessary to have artificial replacement for the natural teeth because the body cannot function properly if some of the important organs involved in speech, swallowing, and mastication are lost. Most people desire to be accepted in society and to associate with others in ease and comfort. This is not always possible when missing teeth cause poor speech and appearance.

What to expect from Dentures

Dentures are artificial substitutes and have limitations. It is perfectly normal to feel awkward with new dentures. The appearance has undergone a slight change; speech may seem altered, and a feeling of mouth fullness may be present. Time, patience, and cooperation in following instructions will bring about a relaxation of the muscles of the lips, tongue, and cheeks. Eventually a slight change in appearance becomes a pleasant change; speech will be normal and eating will be less difficult

My New Denture

You may find a little difficulty getting used to your dentures at first and have difficulty chewing some types of food for a time. With a lower denture there is a tendency at first for the tongue and lower jaw muscles to displace it. In time you will overcome these difficulties and adjust to your new dentures.

Generally, dentures need to be adjusted (relined) every 2 years or replaced every 5 years. Dentures are gradually worn away by repeated cleaning. The soft supporting mouth tissues are also changing shape continually.

Even though your dentures may feel perfectly comfortable, their fit needs to be checked regularly (every 6 month) to ensure that no lasting damage is done.

Sore spots or lumps discovered in the mouth should always be examined by a professional.