Immediate Dentures

An immediate denture is one that is fabricated before all the remaining teeth have been removed and inserted immediately after the removal of the teeth.
It can be a complete denture or an overdenture. Because it is not possible to try in an immediate denture beforehand, the patient (and sometimes the denturist) may not be prepared to accept the result on the day of insertion. It is, therefore, important for both parties to fully understand the limitation of the procedure.
Immediate dentures may be either single immediate dentures or upper and lower immediate dentures. The latter should be made together to ensure optimal aesthetics and occlusal relationships.
After healing is completed, the immediate denture can either be refitted or relined to serve as a long term prosthesis and is referred to as a conventional immediate denture. (CID). An interim immediate denture (IID), on the other hand, is one worn by the patient only during the healing period. It is then replaced with a new prosthesis.

Explanation to the patient for immediate denture treatment

  1. They do not fit as well as complete dentures. They may need temporary linings with tissue conditioners and may require the use of denture adhesives.
  2. They will cause discomfort. The pain of the extractions, in addition to the sore spots caused by immediate denture, will make the first week or two after insertion difficult.
  3. It will be difficult to eat and speak initially, almost like learning to eat and speak all over again.
  4. The esthetics may be unpredictable. Without an anterior try-in, the appearance of the immediate denture may be different from what the patient and denturist expected.
  5. Many other denture factors are unpredictable such as the gagging tendency, increased salivation, different chewing sounds and facial contour.
  6. It may be difficult or possible to insert the immediate denture on the first day. Every effort will be made to do so. If it is not possible, it will be inserted or remade as quickly as possible.
  7. Immediate dentures must be worn for the first 24 hours without removal by the patient. If they are removed they may not be able to be reinserted for three to four days.
  8. Because supporting tissue changes are unpredictable, immediate dentures may loosen up during the first one to two years. The patient is responsible for all fees involved in refitting or relining the dentures.