BPS Precision Full Denture

BPS – the result of many years of clinical experience.
A system for every indication. (Personalized Denture)

Systematically provided to provide patients with optimal form, function and esthetics in complete removable prosthetics, the BPS (Biofunctional Prosthetic System ) brand denture includes a comprehensive technique for impressions, record taking, tooth selection, placement, fabrication and processing.
The company trains certified BPS technicians monthly. Comprehensive product training, education and a close working relationship between dental professionals is the foundation of the BPS denture.
A variety of combination of impression materials can be used. What distinguishes this technique, however, is that it allows the patient to be in a closed-mouth position while most of the border molding procedures are being performed. After the impression have been made a tracing device is used to establish the centric relation within seconds.
The Stratos 200 articulator has been selected for the BPS System due to its inclined support feature, wide posterior view, durability and calibration system.
The company’s denture teeth represent the natural tooth in shape, form and function. The layering systems and quality of materials used in their manufacture enhance the esthetic appeal of teeth.
The BPS system is complemented by the SR-Ivocap denture processing system. This injection press technology minimizes acrylic shrinkage, eliminates the growth of bacteria (which leads to bad breath) and ensures proper fit.
BPS Dentures are one of the most advanced dentures available today.
bps_pfd_11 bps_pfd_ivocap_machine